Seattle Resaurant Week

Cumin Beef.JPG

3 courses for $33

including haiga rice

Each person chooses one from column A, B, and C

column A

Yu Xiang Eggplant Fries
Sichuan Salad Trio: Cucumber-Radish, Silky Eggplant, Cloud Fungus
Hongyou Chaoshou (pork wontons in aromatic chili oil)
Dan Dan Noodles
Maitake, Yam, and Bacon Fried Rice
Yu Choy with Chilies and Garlic

column b

Gong Bao Chicken
Salt and Sichuan Pepper Tofu
Rockfish with Sour Mustard Greens
Chili Cumin Beef
Mapo Doufu (pork or mushroom)


Coconut Tapioca Pudding with Chinese Fruit Compote
Dark Chocolate Cremeaux with Candied Walnut, Ginger, and Orange
Concord Grape and Rosemary Sorbet